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NEW SEASON - We Only Do Positive

9th September
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There's only one way to play this season #WeOnlyDoPositive

Welcome to the new Hearts season! September brings excitement, anticipation and hope. It is important that we all play our part to ensure that football is played in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. RESPECT should be an active part of the weekly football routine, before during and after the "Big Match".

Please let's make sure the game is played in a good, friendly spirit. And as coaches and spectators, let's remember that our children are trying their hardest, they need your support not your critical analysis, and that the referee, linesmen and opposition coaches are all volunteers!


  1. These are kids
  2. This is not life or death
  3. Referees are human
  4. Coaches are volunteers
  5. Your child is not being scouted by Chelsea FC today!

Have a great season, and let's make sure these children are still playing when Mum & Dad are no longer the taxi service!

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