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Udney Park -

Udney Park -

By Jatish Mistry
24th March
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Udney Park - Local residents if you would like to 'Keep up to date'.

What is Local Green Space Status?
In March 2012, the Government introduced new Local Green Space (LGS) legislation that allows local communities to ask for protection for green space that is important to them.

The Teddington Society and Friends of Udney Park applied for LGS protection for Udney Park in 2016. This was approved by Richmond Council in the draft Local Plan but Quantum has been aggressively lobbying to try and overturn this decision.

We need as many people as possible to inform the council that they don't want to remove LGS status from Udney Park.

What do I need to do to help?
Email your personal objection to the Removal of LGS Status to . You can find examples of points to consider in this email.

(Take care with your submission: the consultation is a double-negative, to retain LGS you must post an Objection to the removal of LGS).

It only just 5 minutes
Please act today and email Richmond Council. It only takes 5 minutes and we desperately need everyone that cares about protecting Udney Park to make their voice heard.

Examples of points to consider in an Objection
Udney Park has been a playing field for 100 years; there is a severe shortfall of playing fields locally and several local clubs have no permanent home.

Udney Park is a war memorial, donated under covenant for amateur sport.

Udney Park is home to 8 protected species of bat and is a critical part of a connected ecology network of local parks and river embankments.

Udney Park is a central green space that must be protected from predatory plans for luxury apartments for which there is no local need as there are already 300 luxury flats under construction within half a mile of the park on brown-field sites.

All Policies that protect playing fields apply to private and public land - Quantum knew this when they outbid the three community bidders

Quantum have created a new section of their web site labelled “Addressing the Opposition” in which the Friends of Udney Park are heavily criticised and misleading statements are made. We've updated our web site to address those questions and back up our statements with the independent quotes from elected representatives and Planning officials. Find out more by visiting the Mythbuster section of our new web site.

Keep up to date

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